The Moopies

You child’s favourite pupils!

Cutting-edge motor and cognitive skill development environment for pre-schoolers!

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Meet the Moopies!

Cute little monsters who fell on planet Earth. Your child is given a mission to teach them all the knowledge they need to adopt. Your pre-schooler will be a tutor!

Evolution of Education through Entertainment

The three Es we use to help your kid get smarter without even being aware of it. Your child will learn through teaching its Moopies and playing with them.

Physical activities are essential!

You, as a parent, set the daily playtime limit after which your child's Moopy goes asleep so you can take your kid to the park. Brain is not the only thing that needs exercise!

Do you want your kid to feel the joy of learning?

Join us on the adventure of giving children the new way to learn. Apart from the application, you have a chance to get an educational AR catalogue and cute plush Moopies with which your kids can happily fall asleep.